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Book Marketing 2 – A party invitation arrives.

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book launch party  invitationNo sooner had I posted my first book marketing blog when I was invited to a party by my Facebook friend Carly Compass in Chicago. ‘So what?’ you say, we all like a party but what has it got to do with book marketing. Well, this invite is to a virtual book party, something I have never heard of before. I replied immediately. It would have been rude not to. Then I learned that Carly wants me to host part of the event. Ah! Panic begins but, as I have elected to work out how to market my own books, I have accepted the challenge and am looking forward to her 24 hour bash early in November. I’ll keep you posted on what happens.
Pointing out that I am a novice at book parties, Carly kindly got me an invitation to another book party on the 17th October being hosted by Debbie McCreary and Kimberley Court, two more authors. With over 500 expected guests, it sounds fun and should give me a few ideas.

I am still plugging away at Twitter and picked up a valuable tip from Rayne Hall @RayneHall about links to Amazon sites. I’m calling it My Tip of the Week. Up to now, I have been including links on my website, tweets and Facebook posts, to my books on the site, which is a bit daft. Anyone, elsewhere in the world, would struggle to buy my books as a result but Rayne tweeted about a site called which has a clever trick. You enter your books URL and booklinker converts it to a URL that will automatically open at the Amazon site for the country the buyer is in. Hey presto, it’s easy for them to buy. Result, more sales. It works the other way around as well. How cool is that? Rayne is now in my list of interesting and useful people to follow. Thanks Rayne. I’ve still got a lot to learn about twitter so if anyone has a good idea or tip that will help, please let me know and we can share the knowledge.

Talking about twitter, the time has come to tidy up who I follow. Until now I have been following anyone who followed me, in an attempt to drive up the number of people I am interacting with. Quite a few of my followers are irrelevant. They will never buy from me or promote my books and need to go. To start the clean out, I have opened a free account with and used it to identify and dump the people who I am following that are not following back. I was surprised how many there were.

Next, I established some rules for myself regarding who I will not follow. The list includes, people selling followers, corporate entities, foreign language tweeters ( what’s the point if I can’t understand them), followers who have an egg instead of a picture, tweeters who post foul mouthed tweets or sexually explicit images. Having served as a deep sea mariner, I am not a prude but swearing or smutty pictures belong with adolescent boys behind the school bike shed. I don’t need them on my screen. My last rule of engagement is something I was taught years ago when I was a young trainee selling weighing machines to shop keepers – never talk about religion or politics. I’m not on social media to convert, win elections or ridicule public figures. I’m here to promote my work. Come to think of it, I’m going to apply the same rules to facebook and Google+.

I’m still looking for new ideas and have joined a couple of author’s discussion groups on LinkedIn, hoping to learn something useful. So far they have been rather disappointing; just a bunch of writers trying to sell books to each other. Who knows, a nugget of knowledge might just pop out from the chatter. Next week, I’m going to talk about the promotional work I am doing for the paperback edition of my new Novel ‘The Iron Masters.’ Some exciting things have been happening and I have had to make a tough commercial decision. Anyway, I can’t stop; I have a party to get ready for. But the question is, should I wear a jacket and tie to impress or dress down? At least I won’t have to wash up 500 glasses afterwards!

If you have any great ideas to share, want to add a comment, ask a question of suggest a topic please let me know and don’t forget to click the follow link to read future posts. I promise not to spam and will only post once a week with something worthwhile. 


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